r300 Compiler Bug Reporting

Here are some tips for filing a good bug report:

Step 1: Is it a vertex or a fragment shader?
If running the program with RADEON_NO_TCL=1 fixes the problem then it is probably a vertex shader that is broken, if it doesn’t then it is probably a bad fragment shader.

Step 2: Does running with RADEON_DEBUG=noopt help?
If it does than the bug is in one of the optimization passes. If it doesn’t help then your bug is in the main part of the compiler.

Step 3: Collect debug output.
There are 3 debug options that are useful collecting debug output: FP,VP,PSTAT. FP dumps debug output for fragment shaders, VP dumps debug output for vertex shaders, and PSTAT dumps statistics for each compiled shader. Here are the debug logs you should attach to a bug:

Does noopt fix it? Fragment Shader Vertex Shader
Yes pstat,fp,noopt
No pstat,fp,noopt pstat,vp,noopt