Updates to the New R300 Register Allocator

I just pushed an updated version of the new r300 register allocator to http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~tstellar/mesa/ The branch is called new-register-allocator-v2. This new version contains support for loops and a few bug fixes. It has been rebased to included the floating-point texture additions, so it can now be tested on those apps that need floating-point textures.

3 thoughts on “Updates to the New R300 Register Allocator

  1. I’ve been doing some benchmarks with the Unigine demos, but there’s not really any difference in performance. Not sure if Unigine is a particularly good test case though, it probably stresses the GPU in a whole lot of different ways.

    Anyway, I did not spot any rendering problems or other regressions!

  2. Unigine-tropics and Unigine-sanctuary are genuine bricks for Ati X1~: I remember that with proprietary drivers and X1700 (rv530), two years ago, I had the same results of today’s Git Mesa-Gallium: 2-3 fps for the first and 3-4 fps for the last. 😉

  3. Hey! Nice work, Mesa-7.11-devel with the new registrer allocator is working fine and the effects of KDE looks better now here…

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