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I spent the last 3 weeks working on adding presubtract support to the r300 compiler. It turned out to be quite an undertaking. I had to make some major changes to some core parts of the compiler to get it working. I think it is pretty stable at the moment, but I would like to refactor some of the code and add support for the add and subtract operations before I merge it in to master. I would really like to create a sort of optimization framework that makes writing new optimizations a lot easier, so that will be part of what I do when I add the remaining presubtract operations. I’ll probably pick this up again after my GSoC project is finished. For now, I am going to focus on loops again. Right now, I am working on handling breaks and continues for r500 fragment shaders. Once I get that working, I’ll see what I can do about loops in Vertex shaders.